MTX Rides Members, do you think that pictures alone don't do your Ride justice? Do you want to give the world the chance to hear and experience your Ride?

Follow these easy steps:
  1. Create a video of your vehicle in action.
  2. Videos must be uploaded to the following list of websites, we accept:
    Google Video · YouTube · MySpaceTV · Yahoo! Video · Photobucket · Dailymotion · Metacafe · · Crackle
  3. Copy your video "Embed" source code.
    • Your "Embed" source code may start with <object width="... or <embed src="...
      Copy the entire source code by selecting the text and hitting Ctrl+C, or right clicking your mouse and selecting Copy
  4. Click on 'Submit Photos' or go to your gallery to edit your vehicle.
  5. Scroll down to 'Video'.
  6. Enter your video Embed in the box and click 'Add'

The next time you come back to Rides you just may see and hear your car rockin’ the homepage for the whole world to see! Your video will also be available in your gallery for your friends and fans to check out. So break out those camcorders and start recording! We look forward to viewing your masterpieces.